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Warranty Policy

Dear clients,thanks for purchasing form us,in order to offer more qualified service to you,a certain policy is made as below

All the LED products purchased from us apply to the following provisions:

A: warranty applicable products: all of our LED display products.

B: warranty period:

We offer a one-year free warranty for our outdoor LED display,24 months free warranty for indoor led display and brand zone products and a 6-month free warranty for modules. Clients can apply for extending the warranty period according to their demand,8% more of the project’s total cost should be paid for one more year of warranty, and 15% more of the project’s full price should be paid for two more years of the contract. Free accessories and free maintenance service are available during the warranty period.

C: warranty coverage:

Free warranty and lifetime maintenance: We take responsibility for our product’s quality only if the products are under normal usage and storage condition. We offer a one-year free warranty for the whole led display. After making the deal, we promise to provide free maintenance and exchange spares if the led display has any quality problems within one year after the sale. Usually, we provide clients with a certain number of extras, such as led modules, power suppliers, cables, screws, etc., for our customized led display to ensure device replacement is available in case of a rare malfunction. Clients should remember that during the warranty period, a written report must show us the detailed issues if the led display fails. If clients are trapped with technical problems, our technicians can offer free guiding operation via a remote network. If maintenance is necessary when one year warranty is overdue, there is no charge for service but charging for materials.

D: the following situations are beyond warranty coverage:

1. The whole or parts of the led display are out of the free warranty period;

2. Products are disassembled and repaired by clients without our technician’s permission;

3. Display screen is burned down due to unstable voltage;

4. Physical damage to products such as damage from falling, extrusion, transformation and screen broken and so on;

5. Display screens can’t be online or software failure due to virus infection on the control computer or other reasons.

6. Damages and failures due to offending instruction manual requirements, misuse or improper use, improper storage and maintenance (such as inserting and extracting data line and other non-USB external devices when powered on, etc.)

7. Damages from working in extreme environments not specified for led display. (such as too high or too low temperature, too wet or too dry, too high altitude, over physical pressure, electromagnetic interference, unstable voltage, statics interference, zero voltage is too large, input improper voltage and so on);

8. Device problems due to clients’ resetting and improper usage without authorization.

9. Failures or damages due to accidental factors or manufactured causes(including computer virus, wrong operation, feed liquor, scratch and bump during transferring, incorrect plug on and plug off, foreign objects falling into cabinets, rats and insect bite, etc.)

10. Failures and damages caused by force majeure (force majeure as referred to here means unforeseeable, unavoidable and insurmountable objective conditions, including natural disasters such as flooding, fire, explosion, lightning, earthquake and storm and social events such as war, unrest and so on.);

11. Led display failures and damages caused by the poor quality of other LED products (including accessories) which are introduced to the display but not sold by our company;

12. Maintenance cost for led display failure, caused by the above mentioned reasons, is upon the cost price. 

13. We offer lifetime maintenance for our products; if products are out of warranty period, care is with cost price. Our company design and produce products strictly by industry standards. The allowable error within the scope of the industry standard is a normal phenomenon. Our company reserves the right to explain the terms of this policy.

E. After project complications, we offer lifetime continuous maintenance and constantly upgrade the system functions. During the progress, we only bill you for components if adding some hardware equipment is necessary.

If you have any problem running our product, contact our staff or online service, and we will solve your problems the first time.

If the Chinese documents and English document content conflict, performed according to Chinese document content.