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One-stop LED display module manufacturer

Leddisplayshop has over 15 years of experience manufacturing Fixed LED Displays. Due to the modular system, our LED Video Wall Screens can adapt to many applications, including Churches, Retail, Education, Rental Companies, Events, TV Studios, AVP, and many other visual experiences.
  • Indoor LED Display Module
  • Outdoor LED Display Module
  • Indoor Soft LED Display Module
  • Outdoor Front Service LED Display Module
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Wooden Chair
Pretium Elite
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This is a one-stop shop for LED Display Parts such as LED Control Cards, modules, video Processors, and power Supplies.

LED Display Card

We provide high-quality LED cards, LED display controllers, LED control cards, and other LED display parts at the best prices and with fast shipment.
Living Room
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LED Display Video Processor

Exquisite color to reconstruct the details of the world.

Novaster LED Video Processor

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Linsn LED Video Processor

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Magnimage LED Video Processor

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Luxurious Furniture Starts with the Best Quality Materials

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Hear From Our Customers was a lifesaver for my digital signage project. I found all the accessories I needed at great prices. Fast delivery and excellent product quality made my experience truly satisfying. Highly recommended!

New York provided exceptional customer support and guidance, helping me find the right accessories. The order arrived quickly, and the quality was superb. I’ll definitely use them again for future LED screen needs.


It works well with no issues and is still working after 6 weeks. It came quickly, which I thought I needed, but we just decided to replace the device.

Los Angeles

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