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Shenzhen LINSN Technology Development Co has been one of the most successful control system providers for LED display screens since 2006. LINSN Technology products mainly include LINSN sending cards, LINSN sending boxes, LINSN receiving cards, LINSN media players, LINSN LED accessories, and LINSN video processors. Among them, the most well-known models are the TS802D sending card, the RV908M32 receiving card, the RV901T receiving card, the RV907 receiver card, the TS921 sending card, the TS852 sending box, and the TS952 sender box.
Our company has sold many LINSN control system products at competitive prices these years. With this online store, it is much easier for you to buy all LINSN technology controllers at satisfied prices. Furthermore, you can get full technical support from us if you buy LINSN LED controllers together with our LED displays or LED modules.


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