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Magnimage LED Display Controller 580F 580FS 4K LED Video Processor


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Magnimage LED 580F 4K UHD LED Screen Video Processor is a high performance processor which has various input and output plugs, including Dual link DVI, DVI, HDMI, DP, VGA and CVBS, etc input plugs and audio input output plugs.
LED-580F series video processor supports 4Kx2k input, which can realize pixel to pixel and zoom scaling display with simplifies operating. It supports preview, hot backup, multi-machine cascade, customized output resolution, SDI output, Dual link DVI output, DP output, fade, seamless switch and schedule function.
LED-580F series video processor is used in stage shows, conference, exhibition, press conference, command & control center, surveillance center, stadium, airport.

Functions and features:

580F Video Processor

  • Single Machine Supports Pixel to Pixel Splicing within 4K

Two DVI output ports,split function, customized output resolution,this is how LED-580F supports any size of pixel to pixel splicing within 4K.
580F 580FS 4K LED Video Processor

  • Multi-machine 4K*2K Pixel to Pixel Splicing

Using one LED-580F as a main control, another 2 pcs of LED-580F cascading through DP loop,this is a perfect solution for 4K*2K pixel to pixel display.

  • Preview Switching

It has a seamless switching from preview to program without black.

  • Monitoring

Adding an extended monitor module,LED-580F will transmit signal to the monitor display and realize the real time monitoring.

Technical Specification                                            

Input Indicators



Resolution Standard

HDMI 1 EIA/CEA-861,HDMI-1.3/1.4
DP 1 DisplayPort 1.1、1.2
SDI* 1 480i/60Hz 、576i/50Hz 、720p/60HZ 、1080i/50Hz、1080i/60Hz、1080p/60Hz(3G SDI)

Output Indicators

Port Amount Resolution
*VGA 1 2K×1K :

1024×768/60Hz               1280×1024/60Hz

1280×720/50Hz/60Hz     1440×900/60Hz

1600×1200/60Hz             1600×1200/60Hz-Reduced

1680×1050/60Hz             1920×1080/60Hz

1920×1200/60Hz              2048×1152/60Hz


2K×2K :

2560×1024/60Hz             2560×1440/60Hz

3840×1080/60Hz             1920×1080/100Hz

1920×1080/50Hz              2560×816/60Hz

2304×1152/60Hz              1024×1280/60Hz

2560×1600/60Hz              1080×3840/60Hz


Customized output resolution(bandwidth optimization): maximum width is 3840 and maximum height is 3840

DP 1
SDI* 1  480i/59.94Hz       480i/60Hz

576i/50Hz 720p/50Hz 720p/60Hz

1080i/50Hz          1080i/59.94Hz 1080i/60Hz

1080p/23.94Hz   1080p/24Hz

1080p/25Hz         1080p/29.97Hz

1080p/30Hz         1080p/50Hz

1080p/59.94Hz    1080p/60Hz

*VGA only support 2K×1K resolution

Unit Specification

Power Supply 100~240VAC,50/60Hz
Consumption 40W
Operating Temperature 0~45℃
Product Dimension 482.6 X 301.3 X 66.8mm
Packing Dimension 555.0 X 430.0 X 145.0mm
Net Weight 4.5Kg
Gross Weight 6.5Kg

LED-580F Series                       

Model Input Extended Input Extended Output Remark
LED-580F AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1
LED-580FS AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 SDIx1
LED-580FD AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 DVIx1
LED-580FV AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 VGAx1
LED-583F AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 VGAx1(Extended)+DVIx1(Extended) VGA(Extended)= DVI(Extended)=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-583FS AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 SDIx1 VGAx1(Extended)+DVIx1(Extended) VGA(Extended)= DVI(Extended)=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-583FD AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 DVIx1 VGAx1Extended)+DVIx1(Extended) VGA(Extended)= DVI(Extended)=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-583FV AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 VGAx1 VGAx1(Extended)+DVIx1(Extended) VGA(Extended)= DVI(Extended)=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-585F AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 SDIx1(Extended) SDI Extended=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-585FS AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 SDIx1 SDIx1(Extended) SDI Extended=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-585FD AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 DVIx1 SDIx1(Extended) SDI Extended=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)
LED-585FV AVx2;VGAx1;DVIx1;HDMIx1;DPx1 VGAx1 SDIx1(Extended) SDI Extended=(DVI1+DVI2 Scaled)


Instruction X 1     Power Cable X 1     AV CableX 1     Disk X 1

RS232 Serial Cable X 1     Screw X 4     DVI Cable X 1     Certification X1

USB Cable X1 Disk X 1     Audio Port X 4     Copper Bar X 4     DP Cable X 1

DP-Mini DP Cable X 1

Model Number

580F, 580FS


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Magnimage LED Display Controller 580F 580FS 4K LED Video Processor


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